Fire protection – made by Effertz

The focus of all fire protection doors at Effertz Tore is the greatest possible protection of life and limb as well as property. To this end, we not only comply with the relevant legal regulations, but also try to significantly exceed them wherever possible. This applies to our lift-up stacking doors and the rolling doors as well as to the fire protection curtains.

Fire doors cannot prevent the outbreak of fire. But they can limit the spread of fire and thus the damage that fire can cause. Reliably and safely. After all, our fire doors and fire curtains are also used offshore and on ships. Where there are limited escape routes and maintenance options, reliable functionality and robust durability are particularly important.

Time and again, our fire doors achieve top performance. Our in-house research & development and relentless testing ensure this. But their weight classes and space-saving installation also make it easy for builders to ensure efficient and visually appealing fire protection.

Electronic heart of Effertz fire doors

The electronic heart of our fire protection doors also provides you with the greatest possible safety: every fire protection roller door approved by the building authorities includes the Effertz hold-open system. This hold-open system, which has been specially approved for our company, ensures that the fire doors are held open in normal operating mode, but close safely in the event of an alarm or malfunction: If a smoke detector responds or the emergency manual release is activated, the power supply for the holding magnet on the drive is interrupted and the drive brake is released. The fire door closes by its own weight independently of any power supply (“Gravity Failsafe”) and yet regulated by a centrifugal governor in the drive. The safety edge allows the closing door to stop if the opening is blocked.

In addition to our own extensive quality control, both Effertz fire protection rolling doors, lifting staggered doors and fire protection curtains as well as our hold-open systems are subject to regular quality monitoring by external monitoring bodies. This means that they meet all safety requirements.

Relaxed collaboration

At Effertz Tore, we aim to make fire protection as relaxing as possible for you. Right from the first contact, we respond quickly. We discuss openly and in detail with you what you need to meet your requirements optimally and in compliance with the law. We provide you with meaningful documents that enable you to make a fact-based decision. For smooth delivery and installation, we manage the interfaces with other trades, coordinate deadlines and reliably meet them. We pay attention to occupational safety and keep your construction site clean. Just as cleanly, your fire doors are installed, properly tested and function reliably. We are probably your only supplier who would not want you to see his product until it is time for maintenance. And you can also rely on our highly trained staff to service our fire doors again if you wish. So that even after decades your doors will still function “cleanly” and reliably provide you with protection and safety.

Fire protection – made by Effertz

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