Fire Curtains

Effertz is a specialist for thermally insulated fire rolling doors with fabric curtains, also known as “fire curtains” for short. Here again, we were pioneers and in 2013 we were the first manufacturer to receive a general building authority approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for our thermally insulated fire curtain.

Our fire curtains require particularly little installation space, run very quietly and have also successfully completed a durability function test over 200,000 cycles. There should therefore be no doubt about their durability and reliability. In old buildings in particular, their low weight is another advantage, as the fabrics used are much lighter than steel. In terms of fire protection, they achieve the same performance classes as steel doors.

Fire Curtain Fibreflam ISO 3

A very robust insulated EI30 fire curtain which performed a durability test of 200.000 cycles. First EI-curtain with German DIBt-approval worldwide.

Fire protection curtain Fibreflam ISO 6

The first insulated fire curtain with CE-marking and Declaration of Performance according to EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Fibr flam

Temperature-rise after one hour only 41 °C in a distance of 1 metre. Innovative coating technology leads to a significant reduction of heat-transfer.