Lightweight design. Innovative composite materials.

Lightweight design. Innovative composite materials. A new generation of Effertz fire-protecting doors with classification EI30. Firewall® vanishes nearly invisible above a suspended ceiling. It needs only little space and requires due to its extreme low weight no special preparation of the supporting construction. The panels may be decorated with colour or decor films. Electrically operated with gravity failsafe function ensuring closure even if power is lost.

  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter
  • Effertz - Brandschutz-Hubstaffeltor
  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter

Fire Protecting Stacking Door Firewall® EI30


Effertz Fire Stacking Door type “Firewall® 305”

classification EI30-C5 according to EN 16034

  • Composite lightweight panel, made from fire protective elements. Surface: raw surface of the fire boards.
  • Safety contact strip at the bottom of the panel (no visible electrical supply cables).
  • Guides with fire protective cover.
  • All steel parts galvanized or protected by a single coating of primer.
  • Electrical drive 3~ 400 V incl. integrated brake with the ability to close the door without electrical power in case of alarm at a limited speed of approx. 10 – 15 cm/s (gravity failsafe).
  • Drive chain with a safety factor of 6.
  • Arrestor system in conformity with EN 12604.
  • Release device with internal battery to hold open the door even in case of failure of main power supply (for up to 4 hours).
  • Optical smoke detectors (2 per 4 m width).
  • Siren that is automatically triggered in case of a fire alarm.
  • Manual emergency release button.
  • Key contact switch for surface installation, prepared for profile half-cylinder.
  • Dead man’s control to close.
  • Documentation in English or German on CD-ROM.