This 1,5-hours-rated rolling shutter has been designed particularly for large openings with little side space.

This EI90 rolling shutter can be flexibly adapted to the structural conditions. The rolling shutter curtain is extremely robust. When open, it disappears barely visible in the false ceiling. No other door type allows such large sizes in fire protection as the rolling shutter.

  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter Ferroflam
  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Curtain Ferroflam
  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter Ferroflam

Fire Rolling Shutter EI90 Ferroflam® RI921

Effertz Fire Roller Shutter type Ferroflam® RI921,
classification EI90 C2 according to EN 16034.
CE-marking according to EN 13241 and EN 16034 with declaration of performance according to EU Constructon Products Regulation and declaration of conformity according to EU Machinery Directive.

Twin fire roller shutter consisting of:

  • 2 hot-galvanized steel curtains with internal insulation.
  • Self-monitoring safety contact strip at each bottom bar (no helix suppl cable).
  • All non-galvanized steel parts are protected by a single coating of primer (e.g. brackets).
  • 2 electrical drives 3/N/PE ~ 400 V 16 A, 50 Hz (one for each barrel).
  • In event of an alarm the shutter closes without electrical power at a closing speed of up to 15 cm/s (self-closing, failsafe by gravity).
  • Drive chains with a safety factor of 6.
  • Below 2,50 m height: chain guard.
  • Approved safety arrestors in accordance with EN 12604.
  • Release device with backup battery to hold open the door even in case of failure of main power supply for some time.
  • Optical smoke detectors (2 per 4 m width).
  • Siren with flasher being triggered automatically in case of a fire alarm (acc. to EN 12604).
  • 1 manual emergency release for each side of the wall.
  • 1 key contact switch, prepared for profile half-cylinder, for each side of the wall.
  • Self-hold (impulse control) to open, dead man’s (hold-to-run) control to close.
  • Documentation in accordance with Effertz documentation standard on CD-ROM.

Options: Smoke control Sa or S200.