SERVICE is written in capital letters with us.

We have the right service for every customer – from individual repair jobs to standard maintenance contracts to full-service contracts.

The long-term satisfaction of our customers is important to us.

The cost of technical equipment is not only determined by the price of the new acquisition, but more and more by the running costs. A failure of a door can be expensive if it hinders production or customers cannot enter a store! That is why service is very important for us! We check, maintain and repair doors of all manufacturers quickly, professionally and nationwide thanks to our comprehensive service network.

Our competent team of employees will be happy to assist you.

For us, there is nothing more important than your gates. With its nationwide service network, Effertz is exactly the right service partner for you: fast, expert and reliable.

Let us take care of your gates. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore and you can be sure that your doors will function perfectly for many years, that your maintenance costs will be low and that you will fulfill all legal and trade association inspection obligations.

We offer customized service solutions for your doors:

Effertz - Service car
The individual order is the right solution for you if you do not want to commit.

  • An inspection, maintenance or repair by Effertz is without risk, because we are happy to offer you this work at a fixed price.
  • You save time and money if it turns out during the inspection that something needs to be repaired, because we can often do this, after your agreement, directly on site – without waiting time and without additional travel expenses for you!
  • We perform service work not only on Effertz doors, but also on doors from other manufacturers, so that you always have only one contact person.

All Effertz fitters are regularly trained and are experts in the sense of the accident prevention regulations (UVV).

If you do not want to miss the prescribed inspections and would like to calculate with fixed prices over many years, then the inspection and maintenance contract is just right for you.

We take over your obligation for the annual safety inspection (UVV inspection) of your doors for you. The same applies to the inspection of the hold-open system for fire and smoke protection doors.

You can conclude maintenance contracts with us for Effertz doors as well as for doors of other manufacturers.

For your safety: all Effertz fitters are regularly trained and are experts in the sense of the accident prevention regulations.

All-round support and security at fixed costs – that’s what the Effertz full-service contract offers you.

We not only carry out the prescribed safety inspections (UVV inspections) and – for fire and smoke protection doors – the inspection of the hold-open system, but also all repairs that become necessary due to wear and tear of parts.

All this at a favorable fixed price! You bear no cost risk for the duration of five years, because for this period we keep the annual full-service fixed price constant.

We repair gates – quickly, professionally and inexpensively.

  • For Effertz gates we supply spare parts even after decades.
  • If a part is not in stock, we usually produce it within one day thanks to our flexible manufacturing.
  • Eliminating your gate malfunction as quickly as possible is our goal. We achieve it every day.