Smoke Control – made by Effertz

Small fires are not necessarily dangerous for people. Smoke, however, almost always is. Especially where many people are present, it is therefore important to stop the smoke quickly and reliably. This is the purpose of Effertz smoke protection curtains, which are characterized by a sophisticated closing mechanism and reliable sealing technology. Continuous function tests with over 50,000 cycles are a matter of course. In 1997, we received the R+T Innovation Award for the first smoke protection door tested by the building authorities.

Effertz smoke protection curtains are also popular with architects because of their visual unobtrusiveness: once installed, they are virtually invisible. This means that even individual parts of a building can be sealed against the passage of smoke in the event of an emergency, in combination with smoke detectors, without smoke protection dominating the interior design concept. Like the Effertz fire doors, the Effertz smoke protection curtains also feature the integrated Effertz hold-open system.

Relaxed collaboration

We at Effertz Tore have the claim to also implement smoke protection for you as relaxing as possible. Right from the first contact, we respond quickly. We discuss openly and in detail with you what you need to meet your requirements in the best possible way. We provide you with meaningful documents with which you can make a fact-based decision. For smooth delivery and installation, we manage the interfaces with other trades, coordinate deadlines and reliably meet them. We pay attention to occupational safety and keep the construction site clean. When we leave your property, the installed smoke curtains are functioning properly. They are then installed cleanly and ready for use, properly tested and functioning reliably. We are probably your only supplier who would like you to see their product only during maintenance. Again, if you wish, you can rely on our highly trained staff to maintain our smoke curtains.

Fire curtains – made by Effertz

Protection against smoke with low space and weight.