Special doors – made by Effertz

Back in the 1960s, we were the first company to introduce fire protection roller shutters to the market. Years of experience and constant improvements are the basis of our today’s excellent reputation for best quality not only in Germany as a look at our › References will confirm. A quality that we have transferred to other products, sizes and services at the request of our customers. Our well-engineered doors cover almost all requirements due to a sophisticated range of sizes and accessories.

But when things get really special, our in-house design department, in combination with our research & development and production at our Mönchengladbach site, comes into full swing. Today, we are also one of the leading suppliers for special doors and large doors. Our fire protection roll-up doors are in use in many shipyards and airport hangars. We even protect valuable goods from explosions with special doors. In the meantime, we are also fighting sudden floods, for example due to heavy rain, with › flood protection doors. We really enjoy the seemingly unsolvable tasks. In this way, we have received several innovation awards and even made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

Relaxed collaboration

At Effertz Tore, we aim to protect every area as you wish with a fire door, smoke curtain, soundproof doors or special closures. To achieve this, we are quickly at your side from the very beginning, discussing openly and in detail with you what you need in order to meet your requirements in the best possible way. We provide you with meaningful documents with which you can make a fact-based decision. For smooth delivery and installation, we manage the interfaces with other trades, coordinate deadlines and reliably meet them. We pay attention to occupational safety and keep the construction site clean. Finally, our special doors are installed in a visually appealing manner, properly tested and function reliably. When it comes to maintenance, you can once again rely on our highly trained employees from our nationwide Effertz service team, if you wish.

We will be happy to advise you and check the feasibility.

What is almost the norm for us today:

  • Horizontal fire shutters for escalators
  • Horizontal shutters for basins or pits
  • Fire doors for ships or railroad wagons
  • Fire doors for conveyor systems
  • Craneway doors
  • Large doors for shipyards or hangars
  • Doors for explosion-protected areas according to ATEX directive
  • Shutters for machinery
  • Flood control industrial doors

Fire doors for Marine and Offshore

Flood Protection