Fully automated flood protection

The Effertz Hydrowall flood protection door is quickly closed and securely sealed.  It has been tested according to a strict procedure by the European Flood Protection Association. It goes without saying that it meets all safety requirements for industrial doors. With its classification in the best possible tightness level 1, it offers the officially confirmed lowest leakage rate. In our tests, we significantly undercut it with a value of 0.01 l/min/m².

  • Hochwasserschutztor Hydrowall
  • Hochwasserschutztor Hydrowall
  • Hochwasserschutztor Hydrowall
  • Hochwasserschutztor Hydrowall

Effertz Flood Protection Stacking Door Hydrowall®

Tightness class 1 (0,01 l/min/m²) of European Flood Protection Association.
Wind load class 4 acc. to EN 12424.
Opening/closing speed approx. 8 cm/s.
CE-marked in accordance with EN 13241.


  • Door leaf of horizontal anodised aluminium sections being stacked behind the lintel when opening so that little space is needed.
  • Bottom sealing at the bottom bar up to 1 m height.
  • Stiff side guides made of hot galvanized steel, with sealings integrated at both sides.
  • Safety light curtain integrated in the side guides.
  • Directly coupled electric drive 3/N/PE ~ 400 V 16 A, 50 Hz, protection class IP 54, with integrated arrestor according to EN 12604. Thermal motor protection. With emergency hand-crank
  • Control unit in a plastic casing with integrated keypad up-stop-down. Self-hold (impulse control) for opening and closing. Protection class IP 54.


  • One or more translucent sections of fibreglass (above the sealing height).
  • One or more water sensors for automatic closing in case of water ingress.
  • Drive and control technology that allows the door to close securely according to the gravity-failsafe principle even in the event of a power failure.