Versatile fire rolling shutter for small up to very large openings classified as EI30 C2.

Due to its low space needs this shutter vanishes nearly invisible above a suspended ceiling. Electrically operated with gravity failsafe function ensuring closure even if power is lost. No other door type allows larger sizes than a rolling shutter. Effertz has been a specialist for very large shutters for decades.

  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter Ferroflam
  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter Ferroflam
  • Effertz - Fire Rolling Shutter Ferroflam

Fire Roller Shutter type Ferroflam® RI 319

Effertz Fire Roller Shutter type Ferroflam® RI 319,

classification EI 30 C2 according to EN 13501-2.CE-marking according to EN 13241 and EN 16034with declaration of performance according to EU Constructon Products Regulationand declaration of conformity according to EU Machinery Directive.

Fire roller shutter consisting of:

  • Hot-galvanized steel curtain with internal insulation.
  • Safety edge at the bottom bar.
  • All non-galvanized steel parts are protected by a single coating of primer.
  • Electrical drive 3/N/PE ~ 400 V 16 A, 50 Hz on the right-hand side.
    In event of an alarm the shutter closes without electrical power at a closing speed of up to 15 cm/s (self-closing, failsafe by gravity).
  • Drive chain with a safety factor of 6.
  • Below 2,50 m height: chain guard.
  • Approved safety arrestor in accordance with EN 12604.
  • Release device with backup battery to hold open the door even in case of failure of main power supply for some time.
  • Optical smoke detectors (2 per 4 m width).
  • Siren with flasher being triggered automatically
  • in case of a fire alarm (acc. to EN 12604).
  • 1 manual emergency release.
  • 1 key contact switch for surface installation, prepared for profile half-cylinder.
  • Self-hold (impulse control) to open, dead man’s (hold-to-run) control to close.
  • Documentation in English or German in accordance with Effertz documentation standard on CD-ROM.